ABOUT US – PhysioCall.com.au



Physiocall.com.au is situated in South Gladstone on Philip Street, we are a community based, private Physiotherapy practice providing the following services:


  • ·      Physiotherapy treatment
  • ·      Dry needling
  • ·      Cupping
  • ·      Electrotherapy
  • ·      Tapping
  • ·      Sporting injuries
  • ·      Muscle, ligament and bone injuries
  • ·      Return to work services
  • ·      Workers compensation


No need to see a G.P first, just call us first 1300 HEAL ME.

We are a professional and friendly team whom strive to ensure your Physio experience is exactly what you expect and more! You can always count on our friendly smile and atmosphere when you attend the clinic. Our aim is to provide YOU with a wonderful experience, whilst we treat your injuries.

Our physiotherapist, Joshua Iaquinto has been working as a Physiotherapist for over 5 years. Josh graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Master of Physiotherapy.  He is and has always been passionate about helping others and seeing people reach their physical best.  

Josh is actively involved in many sports in town and services many of the sporting teams. He has a keen interest in touch football and rugby league, netball, hockey and soccer. 


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